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Mrs. Carrie Ayers:
     "When we moved to Enterprise a couple of years ago we tried to find a dojo for my son to continue             his training. Since options are limited in Enterprise we chose a dojo that boasted being "a complete           martial art" with high praise given to the director for his abundant skills in martial arts. However, after         a long year of continuing to purchase "updated" gear, having to buy a study guide, and sending                 home donut sales to raise funds for upgrading for the daycare portion, my son's skills deteriorated             dramatically. Not once was the skills of the master ever demonstrated to my son but by other                     students whose skills were lacking. As we pulled our son from there thankfully MojuKai Karate                   opened their doors and we gave it a try. Renshi Darby explained why they are traditional karate and           he is a hands on instructor. We have attended MojuKai since opening in September 2015 and my             son's skills have improved immensely. The sessions are intense yet everyone leaves feeling great             and having a good time. Renshi Darby instills structure, discipline, strength, and overall, respect for           yourself and others in class and when you leave class. MojuKai karate is what a traditional karate             dojo exemplifies. Without a doubt I would recommend this dojo for anyone serious in learning karate         and self defense." ~ October 12, 2016


Pamela Duncan Kyser:

       "They treat everyone like family here. They go over and beyond here. They honesty, integrity and

         respect. Values that they will take with them into adulthood. We are grateful for everyone at the

         Mojukai karate studio." ~ February 20, 2019

Stephanie Gardner:

       "Great! Our daughter has learned patience, self-discipline, respect and she is so excited about

         karate! Wonderful people, wonderful teaching techniques!" ~ January 4, 2019

          > Mrs Gardner's daughter travels from Dothan to train at MojuKai

Selena Hopson:

       "Renshi Darby is a phenomenal instructor. He genuinely cares about the students. My two children

        love this dojo, and all of the instructors. Attending MojuKai has been one of the best decisions that

        we have made for our children, they have learned so much in such a short time, they have gained

        so much self-confidence and they are constantly pushing themselves to push ahead and do their

        best and never give up." ~ January 4, 2019

Stephanie Walker:

       "This has greatly improved my kids self confidence and image." ~ January 19, 2019

       > Mrs Walker's children travel from Troy to train at MojuKai.


Greg Gabel:

       "As a newbie to the area and looking for a school in Enterprise MojuKai came highly recommended.

        Having limited knowledge of what makes a good karate school I really wasn't sure waht to look for.

        When we called MojuKai, Renshi Darby was excellent at discussing what it s they do. Our son is 6

        and can be timid around new surrounding and especially loud environments. The first class he was

        allowed to watch and at no time did we feel pressured to take part. After watching the other kids he

        felt more comfortable and now loves karate. We love the passion and care MojuKai has for the

        development of their students. This school is more than about teaching karate moves and "belting

        up". If you are looking for a place for your child to learn about self-displine and how to be a better

        person I could not recommend a better place." ~ September 12, 2018


Kim Claud Haaren:

        "My son was apprehensive about doing karate, but I was having a hard time managing his negative

         behaviors. I felt this was the next best step and I am so happy I did it. First of all, the instructor took          time to meet with me and my son when the studio was closed. I greatly appreciated his time and

         effort to make us both feel comfortable. Second of all, the after school program is such an

         awesome steal. Third of all...this place has renewed my son's well being. After three days, he tells

         me "i love it" when I went to pick him up that he is "ready to get his uniform". I HIGHLY recommend

         this place to anyone searching for lessons! You will not be disappointed!" ~ August 22, 2018


Laura Crawford:

         "Awesome with kids and my son loves going here." ~ February 21, 2019

Amber Cottrell:

         "The After School Program is amazing and so are the classes! Once you or your child joins here, you gain a whole new MojuKai family." ~ February 21, 2019

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