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MojuKai is a traditional Karate system employing Okinawan/Japanese techniques designed to create power by utilizing the body as a complete unit. MojuKai is much different from most other karate schools that claim to be traditional because we do not soften training in order to attract or keep students.

Serious martial artists know that learning is a process that cannot be circumvented or shortened if it is to be effective. Techniques (Jutsu) of karate should be taught in a certain sequence, component skills have to be sufficient prior to more advanced ones, and most importantly, students should be encouraged to focus on their personal character as an aspect of their training. Unfortunately, many schools do not utilize this approach. In most cases, because these are non-traditional schools with non-traditional approaches, their training methods and skill levels are usually as sub-par as their approach.


The instructors of MojuKai are more interested in developing good people than they are in creating good fighters - yet, by training in a regimented, structured manner which instills discipline, respect and self-governance, good skills also naturally develop - which is the goal of most students.


 Unfortunately many schools promise just the opposite.


Many martial arts schools also promote themselves as "MMA" style in order to benefit from the recent growth of that sport; what they fail to acknowledge is that  MMA teaches fighting without the structure of traditional karate - it is merely about beating people up. Also, in reality, they are not MMA systems, they have merely learned a few wrestling or Ju Jitsu techniques and then call themselves "Mixed Martial Arts". They also fail to acknowledge that all successful MMA competitors started by devoting themselves to a single style of competitive fighting. In other words, they had a serious set of skills prior to learning additional styles. It is not possible to learn several styles at once and develop proficiency.


We encourage you to visit other schools and compare what they do versus what we offer. Ask informed. We are confident that our training and techniques will stand out.

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