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Our After School Karate Program is unique because of our approach. Standard Daycare provides little more than a place for your child to stay while waiting on your to workday to end. We provide structure and a highly organized curriculum that directs your child's energies in a positive manner. We will also assist your child with homework and provide them with authentic Japanese Karate training that places an emphasis on Traditional American Values. Other martial arts programs merely promote themselves with unfulfilled claims of teaching discipline and character. We actually set our focus on this.

Students are required to conduct themselves in a way that reflects positively on themselves, their parents/guardians and the dojo (karate school) itself.

Our program is structured so that students use their time to maximum benefit. Immediately after arriving at the dojo students are allowed a 15 minute period for snack time (snacks provided by us)...because a hungry child cannot learn. They are then required to focus on homework or other school related activities. Students who do not have homework are allowed to participate in art projects or in team-building activities and games. Parents are encouraged to provide positive activities for their children as well, such as educational or skill building tasks. If it is a project or skill that is positive in nature, we will assist you in delivering it to your child.

We will even get your child from school and transport them to the dojo if you wish - at no additional charge.


Beginning at 4:00 pm martial arts training begins. Depending on the age and skill level of your child, this will mean either very basic dexterity and balance skills all the way up to authentic and traditional karate training. Regardless of their level and skill set, we guarantee that your child will receive genuine training: we refuse to be a daycare disguised as a karate school. Training ends at 4:45. Children who are enrolled in the After School Program can attend regularly scheduled karate classes with no extra fee.

 Even though our program is structured and we require disciplined conduct, the children have a great time. When taught with a positive attitude, karate is fun, exciting and refreshing. Kids enjoy a challenge and when they learn skills that set them apart, they earn the right to be proud of themselves. You might be surprised at how eager your child is to participate in real karate.

Parents/guardians can relax knowing that they are giving their children a safe, positive and productive place to spend their time between school and arrival home, with public safety professionals who are dedicated to your children. Check out the "Instructors" sub-tab for more information about our instructors.

Surprisingly, our program is no more expensive than standard daycare at

ONLY $65 per week - and transportation is free. So, for the same price as regular daycare you get free transportation from school, a structured environment that teaches core values, assistance with homework AND authentic karate.


Our After School Program is open to children ages 5 to 12 years old who are enrolled in a public school or Home School program.

Above are links for the After School Program Schedule and Curriculum.

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