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Even though we are the only traditional karate school in Enterprise, a fact that we are very proud of, we also understand that there are some people who merely want an exercise program different from the run-of-the-mill routine. And, there are some people with previous training in martial arts who are simply seeking an opportunity to hone existent skills. Our Kickboxing / Kumite program  is perfect for either of these purposes.


Our kickboxing class offers a good mixture of exercise from boxing and kicking drills, fighting skills (specifically for sport karate), and improved capability for self-defense. This class does not include the etiquette or formal processes found at the core of traditional karate; it focuses on physical skills and aerobic fitness.  


This class can be scheduled as an independent workout program or as an addendum to other classes. Karate-ka from our other programs may occasionally choose to participate in the Kickboxing class for extra workouts or to prepare for competitions of their own. 


Kumite is the Japanese term for fighting. Usually this terms refers to fighting without pads (bare-knuckle). We offer Kumite training as a component of our traditional roots, but we do not recommend this form of exercise for everyone. Participants who wish to do so can practice kumite in a light contact, low impact and safe manner. We want to improve our students, not injure them.


This will be a highly dynamic, exciting and fun class. 

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