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Summer presents a unique problem for many working families. Finding a place for your child or children to spend the summer that is safe and productive can be difficult. Most public programs are chaotic and private daycares can be very pricey. We offer a program that is different in many ways.

MojuKai Karate Summer Camp is open from the first Tuesday after Memorial Day through the eight weeks that the Enterprise City Schools are out for summer. Students are welcome to attend all eight weeks. 

Cost for Summer Camp is only $110 per week - compare that to local daycare prices and you'll soon find that it is an incredible value - but there are additional benefits that you don't typically get from standard daycare. 

We provide their lunch, have daily physical activities, take them on weekly field trips to local venues...and their karate is included (if you're already enrolled we will suspend your account while you're enrolled for the summer, this way you don't get charged for both Summer Camp and Karate Classes).

Spots are limited, so reserve your spot quickly.

Come join us for Summer Camp.

We are going  to have the


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