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Renshi Darby holds two degrees in Psychology, a Bachelor's Degree in general Psychology and a Master's Degree in Forensic Psychology along with a career in law enforcement that includes expertise in hand-to-hand combatives, weapons retention and use, and being a firearms instructor. The knowledge and experiences he has combine to form a unique understanding of interpersonal violence, aggression and countermeasures. This allows him to teach from a well-rounded and fully informed base of knowledge regarding potential threat dynamics and victimology, which he uses for this program. In turn, this provides attendees with knowledge that can assist them in avoiding potential assaults and provide them with coping skills if they are attacked. Renshi Darby believes that the best approach to self-defense is a realistic one and he teaches accordingly.

We do not charge fees for any Self-Defense Program.

The one-day (2 hour) "Introduction to Self-Defense Clinic" is a brief introduction to usable physical skills, situational awareness, interpretation of environmental advantages and disadvantages, weaponology and victimology. This course can be taught at nearly any facility and we are willing to come to your place of business or gathering if you desire.

The extended Self-Defense Program is specifically designed to provide a comprehensive course of instruction for those who are likely to come under attack or else feel that having the skills to fend off an aggressor would benefit them. This program is perfect for groups such as corporations, civic groups, victim assistance organizations and women's shelters who want to give their members or clients a more thorough exposure to effective self-defense tactics and training. This is not merely a physical skills syllabus.

The extended Self-Defense Program is a four session series of classes. it is possible for an attendee to benefit from any single class, but it is recommended that all four are attended for maximum benefit.


The four sessions are structured as follows:


Day 1

Psychology of attackers

Identifying strength of will

Basic Laws

Tools for Self-Defense

Basic Techniques

Day 2



Geography of Assaults

Additional techniques

Victim Resources

Day 3


Chronology of Assaults

Using environment

Moderate Techniques

After effects

Day 4


Psychology of Panic

Morality and Self-Defense

Proficiency Training



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