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MojuKai offers a variety of programs to fit the desires of an ever-growing student population. One of our programs will surely appeal to you. The following programs are detailed in sub-pages and you can read about overall benefits below.







Karate is an excellent method of getting into and staying in shape. Not only does karate provide great aerobic exercise, it is also a very good anaerobic exercise, using resistence training and weight bearing as a natural component of many exercises. For example, as practitioners advance, they learn different stances that build strength in the legs; this is anaerobic in nature.


There are also some distinct advantages to Karate training over other exercise programs. In a well structured class there are no egos. Everyone trains at their own pace, advancing in a logical, methodical manner. And it doesn't matter what body-type you are, your age, or your current fitness level. Everyone learns the same techniques in the same order. Of course, the more one practices, the quicker they develop proficiency, so it is possible to become more adept more quickly. However, one of the benefits to studying traditional karate is that it requires discipline. A good instructor knows that rapid promotions rob students of the opportunity to develop true proficiency in exchange for satisfying pride.


Karate is also one of the few exercise programs that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Most men are not likley to participate in programs like Zumba, Yoga or Dance Aerobics and many women will not take on Cross Fit or Power Lifting. Also, today's children often lack the self-discipline to stay with most exercise programs. But karate can be done by the whole household; it is exciting, provides a sense of  accomplishment and self-satisfaction, and continuously challenges practitioners to learn what comes next. 


Ultimately, karate is something that everyone can proudly do - and karate offers long-range benefits other than just fitness. There are end results that every member of the familiy can benefit from such as incredible increases in self-confidence and developing self-control and self-governance - not to mention the ability to defend oneself if needed.



If you are looking for an activity that can be challenging, which offers both long-term and quick, observable results, then Karate is what you are looking for. Don't dismiss your ability to do karate on your present condition - no one who participates in karate, regardless of athletic abilities, is an expert when they begin. This is your opportunity to change your life - and not only regarding your fitness.


If you lack confidence in yourself - you can change this. By developing a skill set designed specifically for defending oneself, you are simultaneously giving yourself confidence to meet many other life challenges. Self-esteem, or rather the lack of it, can be a contributor to lack of achievement. Essentially, if you do not believe in yourself, no one else will and you will be passed over or taken advantage of. The combination of emotional, mental, and physical skills gained through study of karate can provide an individual with the confidence to succeed. 


In addition to these advantages, participating in regular exercise stimulates endorphin production in the brain, a known medical fact. Endorphins act like natural stimulants; the individual experiencing endorphin stimulation also undergoes improvement of emotional status - simply put, they feel better. In fact, most mental health professional include exercise as one of the primary elements of treatment for depression. But, one does not have to be depressed to benefit from improved mental health. Exercise also combats stress and anxiety. Psychologists promote exercise, improved confidence, and personal accmplishment as important paths to overcoming the daily stresses of modern life. 


Come join us. Give karate a try as your next effort toward self-improvement. We do not require contracts, so there is no financial risk. You will not be forced to attend more classes than you can manage - you choose how quickly you progress by the work you put forth. Our responsibility is to provide you with the best instruction possible, to encourage you and support you. Give us an opportunity to assist you in making a positive change. 

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