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Combat (Jissen) Ju-Jutsu

MojuKai Combat Ju-Jutsu, also called Jissen Ju-Jutsu, is a traditional Japanese system of self-defense which incorporates strikes, joint locks and take-downs. It is much different from popularized "Jiu-jitsu", which is a modern-day system from Brazil which is loosely based on Ju-Jutsu.

Jissen Ju-Jutsu (Jissen translates as "real fighting") is NOT ground fighting or grappling. It is a system of real-world fighting techniques originating from a standing position. 

Each technique of Combat Ju-Jutsu is designed to be practical and realistic. Everyone can practice this system because the techniques can be adapted (or excluded if necessary) to suit every age and health status. Jissen Ju-Jutsu is ONLY for those who are 14 years old or older or else have the emotional maturity to learn techniques of these types. It is not suitable for younger practitioners because each technique can cause serious harm or injury. Because of the nature of the techniques, the instructors reserve the right to deny entry or membership based on behaviors or risks to others.

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