(Moving from 3rd Yellow Belt to 1st Green Belt)

Videos of each of the following techniques, along with kata and combination requirements for testing to 9th Kyu, are available at the bottom of the page. Beginning students are discouraged from attempting to learn techniques, drills or forms from this page; allow your instructors to teach you first. These resources are placed here as additional tools, not as a primary source of learning.


(Spear Hand)

Nukite is a relatively easy technique to perform; the difficulty in this technique is in proper positioning of the hand and in training the hand so that it will not become damaged during use. Many schools teach Nukite with the fingers in their natural position, which is easier to learn, but for effectiveness, the proper method is to align the three longest fingers as shown - this allows the striking area to be diffused along three fingers instead of focused on one. It also allows the back of the hand to become tighter than if the fingers are straight.


Nukite is done with a thrusting motion similar to striking with the fist. However, it is very important that the motion be precisely straight as the fingers must be aligned for the technique to be effective. The strike should be a quick stabbing motion, just as if you were "spearing" something.


Nukite should be applied only to "soft" targest such as the throat, solar plexus and/or eyes.


Terminology for 6th Kyu

Basics of Tonfa



(or Zenshingotai)

Kihon Kata Tonfa