(Moving from 1st Green Belt to 2nd Green Belt)

Videos of each of the following techniques, along with kata and combination requirements for testing to 9th Kyu, are available at the bottom of the page. Beginning students are discouraged from attempting to learn techniques, drills or forms from this page; allow your instructors to teach you first. These resources are placed here as additional tools, not as a primary source of learning.


(Bent-wrist Strike)

Koken can be done as Jodan (upper) or Gedan (lower) Koken. These differences do not imply where the technique is directed (high or low targets), but of which part of the wrist is used. Koken can be recognized from the original "Karate Kid" movie and the scene where "Daniel" is painting the fence.


Despite first impressions, Koken can be very powerful strikes. Jodan Koken would be brought from the center of the body and swung upward. Usually the target would be the underside of the opponent's chin or the bottom of a grabbing arm.


Jodan Koken can be done at an outward angle as well and directed toward target areas where bone is close to the skin with little muscle covering.


5th Kyu Terminology

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Shiho Hai

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