(Moving from 3rd Green Belt to 1st Brown Belt)

Videos of each of the following techniques, along with kata and combination requirements for testing to 9th Kyu, are available at the bottom of the page. Beginning students are discouraged from attempting to learn techniques, drills or forms from this page; allow your instructors to teach you first. These resources are placed here as additional tools, not as a primary source of learning.


(Bear Hand)

Kumada is rarely done as a technique in and of itself. When it is done independently, it is restricted to striking at the face or a larger muscle group as a grasping motion.


Usually Kumada is done after another technique has been successfully landed. After a heel palm block, kumada would be used to grab an opponents arm or their neck in order to control them. After a shuto strike it could be used to claw the face and eyes. 


Gedan Uke (lower block) could lead naturally to Kumada being applied to the groin by sliding the hand up the leg or allowing the momentum of the kick to bring the opponent to the hand.


3rd Kyu Terminology